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03.02.16 UPDATE

International Japanese sensation - MUGEN HOSO 無限放送 is preparing for their North American Tour and will hit the stage about 3:20pm - At that time it will be 5:20am Sunday back in Tokyo!
The Monroe Street fair continues to bring hot emerging artists to the party stage and promotes the latest in world and local music to a wider audience.

MUGEN HOSO 無限放送 is booked and coming to the Monroe Street fair! Quite simply, MUGEN HOSO is a Japanese Punk Rock duo unlike any other.
Popular for its crazy avant-garde performances. Hiro plays the main vocal and electric guitar, Taro on drums and chorus.
MUGEN HOSO started back in 2005 in Tokyo, ran by Hiro. The initial member was his friend on bass and drums which changed every show. In 2010, Hiro performed with Taro without a bassist which was their first experience. From then they started officially as a puck rock duo MUGEN HOSO in 2011.
MUGEN HOSO is based in Tokyo, mainly touring Europe, Asia, The United States and world wide.
Make sure to save the date, you will not want to miss this!

03.19.2014 update

Exciting news: We are proud to announce The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center as a sponsor of the event. The Monroe Street Fair crew and some guests will be staying at the hotel. We invite you to treat yourself to great accommodations and amenities by staying at The Clarion Hash Bash Weekend. To book your room or for more info visit: 

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center

Ann Arbor, MI


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As of today, here is The Weather Wiz prediction for Hash Bash day.

Prediction: Sunny, mostly clear and warm weather.
LOW 33* (which is average for early April)
HIGH 60* - Above average for early April.

An extreme winter brings an extreme spring.
An extremely pleasant Spring!

Read about some of the weather history and check out photos of the Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival throughout the years. Even when we thought the weather was bad, it wasn't actually that bad throughout Hash Bash day...


Support our sponsors as they help to bring this totally free show to Ann Arbor each year.

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Who says its gonna be wet and cold. Nobody can really forecast Michigan weather, although we all probably feel like we are all amateur meteorologists here. We will just have to get there to see how it is on Hash Bash day. Book your room and plan on partying if you haven't already, I'm betting on great weather, you probably should too.

03.06.14 update

Exciting news, everyone! Our 2014 line-up has been released. We continue to support Michigan bands of all genres. The show will include bands from Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Flint, Fraser and Wayne Michigan. New this year is a wider sampling of artists from around the country, including Boston Massachusetts, Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, St. Louis, Missouri, and Cincinnati, Ohio.