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13 Glass

Genevieve Gaskill

Detroit, Michigan.

Mandolin, Soloist.

"Mama you've been on my mind"

Chief Greenbud

Acoustic / Comedy / Country
Nashville, Tennessee

Chief Greenbud has taken his own personal experiences, along with shared stories from friends and fans, and set them to song. With his sense of humor and gift for writing, Chief Greenbud has created something extremely unique and entertaining.

His style has been described as "Cheech and Chong" meets "Jimmy Buffett", and once you hear the catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, you will understand why he is a crowd favorite wherever he performs.

Chief Greenbud - its 420 Somewhere http://youtu.be/EBq8esOBGeE


Detroit, MI
Hip Hop / Hardcore Rap / Rapcore
Members: ruffi - vox

Ruffi originally signed with DogHouse Records, released his first mixtape With Wings of Pestilence in 2007. Then after three years of mastering his skill, released his second mixtape Watch Them Fall (2010). In the same year, ruffi relocated to Hollywood where he was discovered by zero. He was brought to Las Vegas for 13black records where he was featured in a number of different projects. Later left the label and is independently releasing his first album Neverland.

2014 Performers

Here are the bios of our 2014 Sonic Bids choices and other MSF/HBF acts.

Mt. Thelonious

St. Louis, Missouri
Americana, Acoustic
Band Website: http://www.mtthelonious.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mttheloniousmusicMT. THELONIOUS formed out of a desire for something new. .

"Mt. Thelonious plays acoustic music on acoustic instruments, which may lead to a knee-jerk "folk" appellation before you hear the first note. It's a big enough umbrella to cover this three-piece, which flirts with a good-sized range of American music on its first full-length. Ian Lubar (vocals and guitar), Alyssa Avery (violin and vocals) and Mark Wallace (upright bass) are precise stylists, with Avery and Wallace usually showing deference to Lubar's passionate playing and

full-bodied delivery." - Christian Schaeffer, Riverfront Times

Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival © 2013

This Is Life This Is Living

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Metal, Hardcore
Band Website: http://Facebook.com/thisislifethisisliving
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/thisislifethisisliving

This is the Idea that we are not created equal, that we are not born into privilege, no matter where we come from or who our parents are. This is an attempt to open the eyes of everyone going on day to day, hoping for a big enough paycheck to buy things that they think they need; things that in the end only make them more miserable. Slowly piling on the debt to support our ever consuming society. Raping the earth so that you might have the "newest in High definition television", or "the shoes that match that hat" (aka the newest device invented to keep you sitting uselessly in your living room instead of making a change in this world or the "Cool" new fashion item that was sewn for you by a starving child in some sweatshop). When was the last time you've felt something real? Does anything still move the "Educated?"

Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band

Cincinnati, Ohio
World, Afropop
Band Website:

Facebook Page:


Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band is a world class Afro-beat music power house. They are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and perform all original music by their Nigerian front man, Baoku Moses. The performance of Baoku & The Image Afro-beat Band is more than just another music performance, it's a complete  cultural, powerful, high energy and groovy experience. Let this band turn your concert, any event or festival to a memory that will last for a long time.

The Infatuations

Detroit, Michigan
Rock, Soul
Band Website: http://w
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/theinfatuations
The Infatuations is Simply Detroit.The Motor City starts coming out of your speakers the second the first note hits.  These guys celebrate every sonic movement that is Detroit by  combining the pop-suss of Motown soul, the sheer  in-your-face bravado of Parliament Funkadelic, and the raw, untamed energy of Detroit rock n roll. The results are undeniably spectacular.


Boston, MA
Rock, Alternative
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/skinnypigeonsband
Three birdbrained young rapscallions from across the United States congregate in Boston to form a fusion of noisy punk rock, gypsy jazz and funk stylings that could only be summed up by one phrase: Skinny Pigeons. This power trio combines the eccentric and eclectic songwriting of traveller and guitarist Joey Luna (Boulder, CO) with the rock-solid bass lines of Ben Henry (Erie, PA) and bombastic, lightning-speed drum parts written by Jeff Crenshaw (Seattle, WA). Born in the depths of the Berklee dormitories, the band incubated for several months before emerging from the eggshell with a wide assortment of songs and a hunger to spread their strain of avian flu far and wide. The Skinny Pigeons debut EP is set to be released in late 2013; Share it with dirty hands.


Los Angeles, California

EDM, Pop
Ben ”Drix” Frank began writing songs at the age of 12 with a hand me down acoustic guitar that his father gave him, and lessons from the internet. He was born into a musical family that stems from a skateboarding puck rock father and a classic rock musician mother. His father was

part of the original DC Punk scene in the 1980’s , collected punk records and was the front man for a punk band. His mother played in classic rock cover bands and came from the “Back Yard Jam” culture of the 1970’s. As a child Ben was exposed to GBH, Misfits, Henry Rollins and hard core punk by his Dad. In contrast, his mother exposed him to Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Cream and the art of jamming.

Black Note Graffiti

Black Note Graffiti
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rock, Alternative
Band Website: http://www.blacknotegraffiti.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/blacknotegraffiti
Featuring Ricardo Ortiz on Vocals and guitar, Adam Nine bass guitar, Kurt Keller percussion and Kris Keller guitar and vocals.
In the span of their career, these prolific songwriters have produced several albums, appeared on internationally distributed compilations and have been placed in national TV shows and films . This can be attributed to their infectious appeal and years of consistent touring from Hollywood to New York City. Now entering a new faze of there career Black Note Graffiti have just released there new album titled "volume I".
Black Note Graffiti musicians have collaborated with three time grammy nominated producer Brad Gilderman. Also  collaborated with vocalist/producer, Vinn-E Dombroski, from the rock band Sponge, and renown producer/mixer/engineer, Al Sutton. Who has worked artists such as Tom Petty, Kid Rock, Brian Wilson, Michael Jackson and Detroit Cobras. Black Note Graffiti fuses progressive metal with alternative rock for a sound that is the pulse of today's music. Black Note Graffiti musicians have had material air on Spike TV, MTV,On Demand Cable,TLC, charted on CMJ and aired on Sirius radio.

The 2014 Line Up